The Mysterious Town of Oak Hill

by The Mysterious Town of Oak Hill

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NANKURUNICE Это самая интересная история в аудиоформате .Все сошлось от вокала до жанра музыки .Большое вам спасибо за альбом! стабильно слушаю каждый месяц\два Favorite track: Suzy Lee.
Soulcvltivation thumbnail
Soulcvltivation I'd buy this on a CD, Cassette, AND on Vinyl... The entire album is a gem. Shoegaze, brit-pop, noise rock, ambient rock, (even mixing in hip-hop) whatever you want to call it, it's experimental and pure bliss. All the effects and tones are perfectly tuned and timed (and out of tune at precise moments). Like a less confusing Slowdive/MBV.
Eugene Zagorsky
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Eugene Zagorsky такие приведения, как мы, не должны бояться. Favorite track: Sudden Christmas.
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Charlie 02:54
B o y : Once upon a time there was a ghost, his name was Charlie. He, um, he died and then came alive. No, he was alive and then he died, and he came up as a ghost. (Charlie leaves the car)
I see their faces and laser traces Going through the air tonight. They shot our Hubble, Now we're in trouble. Tie your laces, Run away Cause some people still love you, They really do.
Purplehead 05:23
No one knows where he came from, But now he dwells in every home. Everybody thinks he's nice. He's like a local Jesus Christ, The greatest man in town. Here he comes, Purplehead, He's so young, He's so young. Til kingdom come He'll be around To make sure that we're safe and sound. Every boy and every girl, Everyone i've ever known would die to be like him. (Tom singing softly) (door opens)
Two years ago they left their homes, Two years ago they left. Their parents don't even cry anymore, The sleepover has no end. It has no end.
He muerto de fiebre en los médanos de Singapur
A guy called Steven built a rocketship. He did. He dreamed of the stars And faraway galaxies, Poor Steve. He was good at rocket engineering, Maybe too good For a ten year old. He flew to the stars, His mom was surprised. And nobody knows if he's gonna return. For nearly a year We've all been waiting for Him. It's his eleventh birthday today, Not sure if he knows, He's not in our time zone. He dreamed of the stars And faraway galaxies. His dog howls at night, She's very sad That her friend is gone. He flew to the stars, His mom was surprised. And nobody knows if he's gonna return, But Steve, you should know, We'll all be there for you! (crickets chirping) S t e v e n ' s m o m: I just made his favorite pancakes. I wanted him to buy some milk at the supermarket. O l d m a n: Don't you worry! He sure will come back. By the way, when he does, there will be supermarkets everywhere. We'll have nothing but supermarkets. Shops, groceries, supermarkets, minimarts... Goddamn minimarts everywhere!
Suzy Lee 03:49
B r e n d o n: Bobby and i were like 8 when this girl, Suzy Lee, she moved into the house across the street. She was lovely, but we didn't play with her, we didn't even talk to her. We were afraid to get a crush on her, fight over her. It's funny, but we even made a pact like... If one of us makes friends with her, he becomes a giant walking slimeball. Never make friends with Suzy Lee! Never make friends with Suzy Lee, Or you'll become a giant booger. Or you'll become a giant booger! It was really stupid. Really. But me and Bobby were like best friends forever, so we didn't want to fight over some girl. But when i turned 16, my father got a job in another state. We had to leave. It was really tragic. But two months ago i got an invitation from Bobby... to his fucking wedding! And i was really surprised and really happy for him. Although he didn't mention the name of his fiancée. So you already guessed who she was. Well i got back to Oak Hill, got to the place, and i saw a familliar face under the veil. And i ran to him and i shouted, "What have you done, Bobby, what the hell have you done?!" He won't listen to me, he said it's gonna be alright. Then his skin started turning green, and he started really leaking out of his clothes, and then i told her everything, and she started crying, she was crying a lot, and in a half an hour Bobby was like Jell-o.
Kids, don't eat this mystery meat. You don't know what it is, So don't eat it please. E v i l c a f e t e r i a w o r k e r: I will grill it carefully for you. You won't dare to ask me what it is! Hissing, soaking in gravy, It came from another planet. You think i'm insane, But cows, pigs and martians all taste the same! Kids, don't eat this mystery meat. You don't know what it is, So don't eat it please.
(reverse speech) (Charlie enters the labyrinth) (silence)
While they were sleeping, The snow, it covered every roof in town, Although it's summer. Every house in Oak Hill Is filled with Christmas spirit now. It's kind of unexpected. I see their faces, They look so sleepy and surprised And so excited. There's a star above me In the Christmas morning skies, I think i like it. Now everyone is happy Under the fading Milky Way, But no one was expecting This sudden Christmas day. Now everyone is smiling, And i will fade into the dying night, But somebody is crying Under the sudden Christmas light. B o y: But Charlie wasn't afraid, he just... M o m: Charlie wasn't afraid? Ghosts aren't supposed to be afraid. B o y: 'Cause, um, he didn't...'cause he liked it! So, he just lived there until he didn't want to live there and he moved back into the place he lived before. That's the end.


"The Mysterious Town of Oak Hill" is a concept album by Billy and Laura Wretzky.

It's a story of their hometown. A nice quiet place where children play in the streets and neighbors say hello to each other. It seems like there is nothing unusual about this town. But if you take a closer look you'll notice something really strange going on here...


released July 25, 2014


all rights reserved



The Mysterious Town of Oak Hill Saint Petersburg, Russia

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